Interview with Jolle Greenleaf

Jolle Greenleaf is a soprano and artistic director of TENET, a New York City based vocal ensemble specializing in early music. TENET’s ninth season under her leadership begins in mid-October with performances of UNO + ONE: Italia Nostra, based on the CD of the same time released by the ensemble in 2013.

Jolle was kind enough to answer some questions prior to her appearance on R&B’s concert series. Tickets are available for TENET’s performance on October 21, 2017 here.

1. What brought you to early music?

I was drawn to early music when I entered college at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Prior to my arrival there, I loved to sing and took part in many choirs throughout my school years. Early music felt like a natural fit for my voice, love of music, and libraries.

2. Tell us about your most memorable early music experience.

January 3, 2010. I was overwhelmed with joy as my colleagues gathered with me to perform Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 in what has become a somewhat annual tradition for TENET. The performance was offered with such grace and care, led beautifully by Scott Metcalfe, and sung and played by an extraordinary group of musicians. Many people present were truly moved and there was an unforgettable feeling of excitement and generosity in the air!

3. You’re listening to music…what’s on your playlist that would surprise us?

The list is incredibly varied at the moment both because I enjoy a wide variety of music, but also because our daughter is 9 and we want her to hear a variety of music. Lately, it’s been a lot of 80’s classics, which has been a blast! We have a lot of dance parties in our living room, singing along to the tunes.

4. Unexpectedly, you have two hours of free time later today…what will you do?

Ha! That would be amazing! Well, it’s a gorgeous, cool day here in NYC. If I had 2 hours, I would head to Central Park for a nice walk and soak up the fresh air, beautiful sights, and try not to think about the work that awaits when I arrive home because there is always plenty to do!

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